Francesco Bojola Designer

Francesco Bojola Designer

Francesco Bojola began working in 1985 in the historic family business dealing with the production and choice of materials, starting to collaborate with the best Florentine leather manufacturers. So learn the processing technique and the “secrets” useful to be able to design and design articles with solutions that make the creation of unique objects. In 2007 Francesco opens an atelier in the Florentine Chianti, starting to design accessories in natural leather, also combined with fine fabrics.

Designing a new model starting from the characteristics of the materials has always been its principle, convinced that the design and workmanship must respect the physical qualities of the material used. It is also essential to have exclusively master craftsmen skilled in taking care of the details of the workmanship, very important for the final appearance of each object.

Colleregio project

In 2012 Francesco with the collaboration of Fiamma began a stylistic project to recreate typical models of the Florentine tradition, elementary forms rich in the quality of the materials used. This project wants to keep alive a craft tradition that is disappearing, and is designed for an alternative niche market to today’s uniformity.

With the COLLEREGIO brand exclusive bags and accessories are produced, objects in leather and colored leathers. These lines are designed and built in the atelier opened in the Florentine Chianti, linked precisely to this brand.


Collaborator from the beginning to the Colleregio project, Fiamma is mainly engaged in the research of the patterns of fabrics, small parts and in the final touch to the most whimsical items.

His main passion is dedicated to selling to the public and to contacts with foreign customers. Also oversee the two Chianti stores.

Company name

Company: Francesco Bojola of Bojola Francesco – Headquarter and shop: Via Francesco da Barberino, 37/39 – 50028 Barberino Tavarnelle (Firenze) – P.Iva 05524160487 – Tel 338-5355387 – CCIAA FI-553366 – Warehouse: Vicolo San Bartolo, 1 – Barberino Tavarnelle (Firenze)