personal belt construction

Custom belts

We offer the possibility to order personalized belts by choosing the buckles from our collection of over 100 models (handcrafted in Florence). We sew the buckles by hand on full-thickness “saddlery” leather temples or on softer leather temples lined with natural cowhide. (Lining in real leather is very important! The synthetic-leather-lined belts after a short use starts to crack and break making the belt unusable).

From the dedicated website page (still under construction) it is possible to order a personalized belt by choosing the buckle, the type of leather rod and the color. The size will also be indicated. On the page you will find photos of the buckles to be chosen and the available leather barrels (choice of leather and color). The height of the rod is determined by the pitch of the buckle.

shelf buckles francesco bojola designer

By giving your own waist measurement (which must be taken as per instructions) you will finish the order of the “made to measure” high quality belt at a good price. By confirming the order, the finished belt will be sent directly to your home within 3 days.

belt measurement method