Natural leather and cowhide

Most of our products are worked or finished with natural tanned leather. The leather is tanned in barrel with vegetable products (first of all the tannin) as per ancient Tuscan tradition, then it is greased.

Natural leather (or “saddlery”) has an important thickness from 3 to 4 mm. (1.2/1.6 inch.) which makes it very resistant (typically used for saddles) but difficult to work with, has strong wear resistance, and is the only leather that acquires greater beauty and softness more is used.

leathers worked in barrels

To work articles that need more softness, the Vacchetta has been created; this is what the softened leather is called.

Vacchetta is a typical leather of the Tuscan tradition of Santa Croce sull’Arno. To make it, the leather is brought to a thickness of about 1,8 – 2,2 mm. (0.7/0.8 inch.) and worked a second time making it “turn” in a tanning barrel for several hours. This softens the surface and takes on a typical “orange peel” effect. Saddlery tends to be much smoother.

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