rolls of jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabrics

Among the first projects that we wanted to “put on the field” was the search for heavy fabrics (for furnishings) to create a line of bags. We have combined these precious unique canvases with light leather (the traditional Tuscan cowhide) to create a line of items that enhance their particularities.

We went to “find” these fine canvases from antique dealers, in theaters and among the “warehouse funds” of important Italian textile companies. We also purchased a batch of fabrics with refined motifs from the scenography of the films of the 50s and 60s, sold during the renovation of the Cinecittà studios in Rome.

We produce these items in limited quantities in the various patterns until they run out, with a continuous search for new motifs.

Jacquard fabrics are made with a loom that creates designs during weaving by weaving threads of different colors on a precise pattern that generates the motif. They are among the finest fabrics.

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