Francesco Bojola Designer

Francesco Bojola Designer

Francesco Bojola was born in Florence.

n 1986 he began working in the historic family business, dealing with relationships with artisans and selecting materials, collaborating with the best Florentine leather manufacturers, from whom he learned the “good technique” of the processes and the secrets of the design. In 2007 Francesco opens an atelier in the Florentine Chianti, where he starts designing bags, buckles and accessories in natural leather.

He designs the new models starting from the characteristics of the material used, convinced that the design and workmanship must respect their physical qualities. He also believes it is very important to have exclusively master craftsmen skilled in the details of the workmanship, indispensable for the final appearance of each object.

In 2012 he started a project aimed at recreating the typical models of the Florentine tradition, beautiful articles also for the quality of the materials. So he wants to keep alive an artisan tradition that is disappearing, dedicated to an alternative niche market to today’s flattening.

Now he designs exclusive bags and accessories with the COLLEREGIO brand, linked to the atelier that Francesco in collaboration with Fiamma opened in the Florentine Chianti, where these lines are produced.