• Francesco Bojola Designer

    Francesco Bojola Designer

    Francesco Bojola began working in 1985 in the historic family business dealing with the production and choice of materials, starting to collaborate with the best Florentine leather manufacturers. So learn the processing technique and the “secrets” useful to be able…

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    Natural leather and cowhide

    Most of our products are worked or finished with natural tanned leather. The leather is tanned in barrel with vegetable products (first of all the tannin) as per ancient Tuscan tradition, then it is greased. Natural leather (or “saddlery”) has…

  • Barberino shop

    Shop in Barberino val d’Elsa

    Barberino Val d’Elsa shop, via Francesco da Barberino, 37/39 – Barberino Tavarnelle (Florence) – Tel 338 5355387 – info@francescobojola.it he shop is in the historic center of Barberino on the street that connects the Sienese gate to the Florentine gate,…

  • Colleregio logo

    Meaning of the name Colleregio

    The COLLEREGIO brand is the logo with which the Francesco Bojola company identifies its products. It is inspired by the region of the Florentine hills of Chianti, where the company is located and where production is handcrafted. The graphic part…

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    In the artisan workshop located on the Florentine hills, we produce our articles using the manual cutting of natural leathers (cowhide, sheepskin, fine calves). By cutting the leather manually we can choose the best parts for the expert eye, especially…

  • borse colleregio

    Philosophy of the Colleregio brand

    Country chic taste with first choice natural materials and quality craftsmanship made in Tuscany. These are the characteristics of our production, to which we are faithful to offer only exclusive items to those who appreciate unique objects. Our articles acquire…

  • personal belt construction

    Custom belts

    We offer the possibility to order personalized belts by choosing the buckles from our collection of over 100 models (handcrafted in Florence). We sew the buckles by hand on full-thickness “saddlery” leather temples or on softer leather temples lined with…